InfoArchive v4.3: SEARCH_TIMEOUT from Primary to Nested Form

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In InfoArchive v4.3, we can create a Search as type: Primary and Nested Search.

Nested Search form will not shown to end users to accessing it directly but navigate from Primary.

In the situation of huge number of records are expected to be return by the Nested Search result, it often hit search timeout upon clicking on primary search result hyperlink.

This resulted no way for user to submit a manual search for nested search due to it's not available for access. Is there any workaround for this?


The search takes too long to execute


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    This sounds like improvement request. Can you please open  service request with technical support who can review the issue and do the needful

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    This is due to the performance of the query. When a query takes more than a set timeout '8000' (in config/server/application.yml), you do get an option to run the search (Main form) in background but if it is nested search form, it doesn't provide the same option and gets timeout.

    You might also see that the timeout is intermittent and I think it is down to the xDB schema locking at specific time when a job runs in parallel to the query.

    Please raise the ticket with OpenText to help assist on this if the config/server/application.yml setting from 8000 to desired is not helping. You might also need to used xDB Admin to debug your queries by adding these line at the top of the query.

    declare option xhive:index-debug 'true';
    declare option xhive:queryplan-debug 'true';
    declare option xhive:pathexpr-debug 'true';

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