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Today we are pleased to announce another community release for docker support (version 3). As part of this enhancement now applying the patch and upgrade from a previously created container using Docker Orchestration scripts provided by OpenText for TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy. We support 16.2 and 16.3 containerization using provided automation scripts. This release marks our third release of docker support for TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy.

Please join us on this journey and contribute by engaging on a special focus forum: TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy - Docker. To obtain the automation for Docker, log in to MySupport, navigate to Product>OTDN>Web Content Management (TeamSite)>TeamSite, LiveSite, OpenDeploy> Docker Automation>16.3 or Product>OTDN>Web Content Management (TeamSite)>TeamSite, LiveSite, OpenDeploy> Docker Automation>16.2.”

Implement a counter of view of a page


We need to implement a counter of view as in this discussion.
How can I do with Teamsite ?



  • Hi

    Do you think we can use Oracle database of LSCS to store the counter of view ?

  • SUre you can, just create a new table.

  • But LSDS already has similar functionality, if you are using it.

  • Yes we can use LSDS but how can we do with LSDS ?

  • edited March 14

    Check out the OOTB components. They are not exact, but there are examples which save information to a DB (like rate this page). You should be able to repurpose that

  • LSDS external Java support DB connection like any other Java projects. You can use JDBC direct connection or if you are using weblogic, you can use the data-sourse of weblogic itself.

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