How to stop a repeater in storyTeller and pick it up where it left off in next story frame?

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I'm, looking to have an output similar to the first frame as shown in the attached example without adjusting the frame size (that was the way I achieved current look).
I've tried having 2 tables under each other in the same story but that didn't work for me.

I can also attach the scripts and the input file I'm using if it is needed as well

The attached file is incorrect, I'll post the correct one

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  • Did you ever find an answer?
    Your link doesn't work anymore so I'm unable to see if what you want is the same as what I want.

    I'm looking for a function that will break the content in the story frame on the first page to the story frame on the second page.
    Making it so that when we get a combined order, imagine 10 orders with 10 items each in 1 xml document that goes through Streamserve, that I can split all 10 orders to their "own page".

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    Okay, luckily I did find out how to do this myself.
    The "Insert > Area Break" helps a lot here, you just have to figure out where to place it with your repeater setup.
    For me it worked best to place it above the rows within the repeater. (There is a screenshot below but it might take a while to load, for some reason...)

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