BIRT - How to show the Dimension on each page in cross tab

Hi all ,
Does anybody to know how I can show the "Dimension" data from Data Cube in each page of the cross tab.

In attachment there is two pages of my report.
I want to see the "Name" John and on the second page.

I will happy if someone can help me .

Thanks in advance!



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  • Hi David ,
    Unfortunately I still have no answer for this issue. For the moment we use the table in this way as is present in the topic.
    I will be thankful if someone can help with this issue or give advice.

    Thanks for the attention from your side.


  • wwilliamswwilliams Junior Member

    Did you try selecting the name (group), then in properties select Page Break choose after always?

  • Hi wwilliams
    Yes I try many variants of this property , but I have no the result that I want.
    I also try to use script in "onPageBrake". There is Method "repeat" in JavaScript, but it is not work in BIRT

  • I haven't been able to come up with a solution, unless you're willing to switch to a table instead of a crosstab.

    I did find that we do have a feature request filed for this for the professional version. For Open Source, I'd suggest filing an enhancement request on

    Chad Montgomery
    Customer Support Engineer | Customer Support
    OpenText Corporation
  • Hi Chad,

    I know about the solution with a standard table, but there is no option to switch . We use a data cube and the cube is not able to use standard table.

    Thanks for the advice about the enhancement request. I will take a look


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