7.3 Content Server Installation Taking Hours To Complete

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue with content server taking a very long time to perform tasks. I'm going on 24 hours here..... the installation is still running, the log file gets another entry every now and then. I noticed on other threads there are posts regarding the installation "hanging" and we thought the same, however upon letting it run out of curiosity (noticed there was some cpu activity with the process) the installer eventually goes to the next step. Logs look normal. I did not have this experience when deploying 6.7. We're running on Redhat Linux.


  • Hello Michael,
    What is RHEL version?
    At which stage installer got stuck? (software installation, docbroker configuration, docbase configuration)
    Did you perform pre-installation steps for Linux as described in Install Guide?

  • MDCMikeMDCMike Michael Robert

    Yes, the pre-installation steps were performed, we defined port #'s in services file, so forth. Redhat Version is 6.9. The first pause occurs at docbroker cofiguration, about 20 minutes. Then the native/secure window appears. Then after entering all the information for the repository, it's taking hours and hours. Run now it's "processing bundled DARs."

  • Do you use console session or remote ssh connection with forwarding to xWindows server?
    can you check docbroker logs? Did it start fast?
    Installation of bundled DARs could take some time, but not hours. There is something wrong in environment.
    Make sure you use /dev/urandom (in envvars: DEVRANDOM=/dev/urandom)

  • Did you perform the steps under section "Enabling random generator on Linux" of the Installation Guide? If not, try doing that.

  • MDCMikeMDCMike Michael Robert

    I didn't use random number generator because it said this was required if we were using CIS which we're not. But that is a great suggestion Wetcat and Gandhi, I will try. Thank you both!

  • I'm having the same problem, upgrading to 7.3 it has been more than 28 hours and still Processing: Bundled DARs...
    We have 2.000.000 documents...
    How did your upgrade ended up?

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