what happened to this forum - all archives are gone?

I remember there were tons of questions and answered and now it looks like this forum got reset ie everything is wiped out. is there a new forum elsewhere that is now de-facto go-to forum other than what is left here of a great prior forum before ?

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    Thanks for your reply. I an looking for Birt related forum. The forum that existed here previously had three sections:
    1) questions on Birt design
    2) questions on Birt runtime
    3) some general discussion

    Where did they go? Could you please provide the link?


  • Ian_ArchibaldIan_Archibald Principal Analyst
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    I found BIRT in the following category:
    / Developer Network / Analytics Developer Network / Developing Analytics Applications

    Does that help?

    If not, please let me know, and I will ping the group who runs the forum as to where these specific forums were moved.

    Ian Archibald
    Principal Analyst | OpenText Support


  • Ian_ArchibaldIan_Archibald Principal Analyst

    is there a specific application you're looking for @newbie321 ? Perhaps what you're looking for has been moved into their new (more permanent) home.

    For example, you would now find Communications Center Enterprise (formerly StreamServe) under the **Category **of _Customer Experience Management _on the right --->

    Ian Archibald
    Principal Analyst | OpenText Support

  • Thanks, @Ian_Archibald!
    This is exactly what I was looking for.

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