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Custom workflow issue in TS 16.2 - not able to parse XML using Dom4jUtils


We have recently migrated to TS 16.2 from TS 7.2 on Windows server 2012.

We have one custom workflow where we have one task in which is parsing XML file using the below code:

File f = new File(task.getArea().getFile(new CSAreaRelativePath("page_sitemap.xml")).getVPath().toString());
Document dcrDoc = Dom4jUtils.newDocument(f);
if (dcrDoc != null) {
LOGGER.warn("[execute] in if dcrDoc");
try {
String xmlStr = dcrDoc.asXML();
LOGGER.warn("xmlStr: " + xmlStr);
catch (Exception e) {
LOGGER.warn("check sitemap version: " + e);
try {
task.chooseTransition("ProcessSiteMap Failure", "Failure fixing ProcessSitemap");
LOGGER.warn("Failed Transition complete");
catch (Exception et){

Above piece is code is working fine in old server(TS 7.2 ) but in new TS 16.2 it is always going to catch block and after putting the more loggers I found out that somehow Document dcrDoc = Dom4jUtils.newDocument(f); have an issue.

As far as XML is concerned, XML is well formatted and valid. I was wondering whether I am having this issue due to some missing jar?

I have very limited knowledge of JAVA so I would really appreciate any kind of help on this issue.



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    What error (exception) are you seeing? Can you check if that particular jar version is different between 7.2 and 16.2?

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    I have compared dom4j-1.6.1 on both servers and version was same and the exception I am getting:

    "WARN com.folder.workflow.task.ProcessSiteMap () - check sitemap version: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error while parsing XML file: \IISserver\default\main\mybranch\main_branch\WORKAREA\my-workarea\page_sitemap.xml"

  • page_sitemap.xml - Is this same on both servers?

  • yes it same on both server in fact it has been copied to new server as part of content migration.

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    In which Jar file com.interwoven.livesite.dom4j.Dom4jUtils class is avialable?

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