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Good morning to all of you,
I Have a serious problem with a migration of docbase (6.7 to 7.3).

I using dump and load procedure and i have an error during dump phase.

This is the message of error:

A failure occurred during a fetch through a cursor: database error message was STATE=42000, CODE=16943, MSG=[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] Could not complete cursor operation because the table schema changed after the cursor was declared.

The procedure interrupted dopo 40 houre of work. You understand that is very difficult execute more test.

In the docbase there are about 2,5 milions of document with about 600 GB of binary content.

Do you have any idea on error?
Do you have any idea for minimizeir execute time of dump procedure?
Can I have insert a log?

Thanks very much

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  • JorgKrauseJorgKrause Jørg Krause
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    Salve Francesco
    D&L on a repository of this size is more or less doomed to fail anyway, and as far as I'm concerned, you are also running in to size limitations.

    However, you should certainly consider to clone the environment. We have been doing this on many occasions, and it has been working out well all the time.

    I'm a bit uncertain whether you need to clone to 6.7 environment, or directly to 7.3. If possible, I would clone to 6.7, and afterwards upgrade to 7.3, possibly some intermediate versions as well.

    The process is rather easy:

    1. Install your new environment, CS, database etc etc
    2. Create a repository with same name and Docbase ID
    3. Stop repository
    4. Stop source repository, if possible
    5. Take database backup and restore into new database
    6. Rename data area of new repository, and copy from source (this is definitely going to take a while

    After all this is done, you need to run a bunch of SQL commands in order to get your new repository to work with the old data.

    1. Check and modify dm_location_s objects for pointers to data area, if necessary
    2. Update dm_job_s to modify target_server attributes to new server
    3. Run attached SQL Script to clear crypto config objects. They will be recreated when you start the repository. You might need to modify some statements, not sure about 6.7 datamodel of these objectss
    4. Start repository.

    If you're successful to do so, you need to clear ldap, cts and ft objects from the repository, as well from dm_docbase_config/dm_server_config.

    Clearing these can be from IDQL, like this:

    Clear CTS
    delete dmc_cts_reporting_config objects
    delete dm_cts_response objects
    delete dmc_cts_request_archiving objects
    delete cts_instance_info objects
    delete cts_queue_manager_data objects
    delete cts_mime_type_config objects

    Clear Fulltext
    delete dm_ftengine_config objects
    delete dm_ftfilter_config objects
    delete dm_ftindex_agent_config objects
    delete dm_ftquery_subscription objects
    delete dm_ftwatermark objects

    All in all, this is much more likely to be successful than D&L.

    Buona fortuna


    Update: .sql files are not allowed to be uploaded ;)


  • hqiuhqiu Documentum - SME

    hi, Francesco:

    dump and load does not work between 6.7 to 7.3.

    since 6.7, Documentum only support partial dump and load with same version of CS server, do not support full dump and load even with same CS server version.

    the only option is to use copy repository and then upgrade repository from 6.7 to 7.3 per Jorg mention above.


    Tony Qiu
    Opentext ECD - SME

  • Francesco_RositaniFrancesco_Rositani Francesco Rositani

    Thanks for your answers.

    I'm doing different migrations. In migration that I have describe in my post I believe I will follow your suggestions.

    But in a migrations of docbase of 70.000 documents I have execute the dump operation whitout problems.

    In the load operation, though I obtain this error:

    _[DM_LOAD_E_OBJECT_SAVE_FAILED]error: "Save of object 49000d8080000100 failed -- load terminated"

    [DM_OBJ_MGR_E_SAVE_FAIL]error: "save failed for object with handle 49000d8080000100 of type dmi_package: table on which save failed was dmi_package_s; error from database system was -- Object already exists -- STATE=23000, CODE=2601, MSG=[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.dmi_package_s' with unique index 'd_1f000d808000018b'. The duplicate key value is (4d000d8080000102, 1, input:1 , package
    ERROR(-1) "_

    Any idea?

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