Populate data in the form in workflow

Hi All,

I have designed a xform in form builder 6.7. I would like to populate a dropdown in the xform instance based on a custom attribute value in my attached workflow package (document). Is there a way that I can use DQLAdapter to pull a custom attribute value from the attached document package and use it in my dql adapter query?



  • You should be able to access the document attribute if its part of the package. If not, you can always map the document attribute as variables in the workflow. You should be able to query this as well using DQLAdapter.

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    Yes, I have copied the document attribute to the Form using data mapping task. But, I think it will still not help me.

    In form template, I have to provide a DQL in DQL Adapter to get my attribute value from the Form instance so I can display the dql result on the workflow:

    The out of the box DQL Adapter allows us to query the docbase but how I am going to use my copied attribute in Form Template:

    "select attribute1 from dm_document where subject=${copied_attribute}"

    I need to know how to use copied_attribute in form instance.

  • Sorry, I misread your post. You don't use DQL Adaptor to get access to xform field. You use datasource adaptor to access various form elements. Look at forms builder development guide fore more details:


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