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DQL Query

Hi All,
I have to append a value to an object id and set it to a create statement, need experts help, if you knew a query can any one please share with me.
Below is the query i'm working on, but is throwing an error on execution, can any one tell me what is correct query to execute it

select 'WF_TAXONOMY1.' + r_object_id from dm_relation where parent_id=(select r_object_id from d2_taxonomy where object_name = 'WF_TAXONOMY1')
and child_id=(select r_object_id from d2_dictionary_value where dictionary_name = 'ch_state' and object_name='IL')

Thanks in advance


  • Any one please help me in this query. when i run the below query it is throwing an error, please correct me

    select 'WF_TAXONOMY1.' + r_object_id from dm_relation;


  • dm_relation object does NOT have a field called 'WF_TAXONOMY1.' + r_object_id. Just prepend the label after you have the results (e.g. in excel or your java code).

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