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Documentum Migration approach

Hello expert,

Anybody has some recommendation on migration approach?
We are migration particially of the Documentum webtop cabinet to other application. We had identified there are usage of document/folder being link into multiple cabinet (eg: documentD is originally location in cabinetB,and there is a link into cabinetA), additionally documentD is also part of document being publish from cabinetA.
We are having the situation to migration cabinetA into another application (non Documentum) while cabinetB (source cabinet) is remain in Documentum, the link document will be broken - where by cabinetA will not able to get the documentD for the publishing anymore. illustrated in the following screenshot.

Anyone of you experience with this kind of partial migration before? any approach that you could share with me to achieve it? any tool/script that you used?
we have think of some ideas how to do,but still not come to a good solution:
- option1: to replace the link document with new .doc version - this .doc will contain the drl link of documentD from cabinetA. The cons side is a lot manual creation of this .doc file and replace in each of the link location.
- option2: to duplicate the content into each of the link location (eg: cabinteA). The cons side is document owner need to update the document version in each of the location in the future to keep the content up to date.

Many thanks in advance for your idea sharing.



  • Option 3, customize the DRL component to handle your business logic. We had to do this when object IDs changed b/c of dump/load. We stored old object IDs in a custom field. In the DRL component, we queried for this custom field and then replaced the object ID with the new object ID that correspond to this custom field value.

  • Hello DCTM_Guru,
    Thanks for the new idea.
    I'm not sure how that would work for my situation. Due to cabinetA is going to be moved to new system, and the has the reference to the data stay in cabinetB in Documentum (wise versa - there might has doc in Documentum that going to move to new system).

    We are thinking it could be need to have schedule another program to synchronize the updated content into both system until all cabinet is fully migrated into new system.
    any experience of doing this kind of data synchronizing? any problem that you've experienced?

  • Your option 1 said "this .doc will contain the drl link of documentD from cabinetA." My response was in response to this option. Let me explain this in a different way

    Links in A to content in B - link should still work since B still is in Documentum and embedded DRL is still valid
    Links in B to content in A - this wont work since A content no longer resides in Documentum (embedded DRL is no longer valid). However, the DRL component can be customized to retrieve content in A provided that you have APIs in your non Documentum system to retrieve content A.

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