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D2 login Authentication failed Error

Hi All,
Hi Team,

As we are installing Documentum server 16.4 which is installed successfully. we had installed Documentum Administrator 16.4 with Documentum server and created a global repository TR and when we are trying to install D2 client with Documentum server with all the configuration mentioned in the guide
and when we try to access D2 we are getting Authentication failed error.This D2 client configured on Tomcat 8.0.55 web app.

Note: DA and D2 are configured on separate server.

Please help us to solve the error .


  • Hi,

    Did you add & approved the privileged client for your app server for D2 from DA? if so, enable the authentication trace from docbase end using api and check the docbase log for more detail.

    to enable:

    API> apply,c,NULL,SET_OPTIONS,OPTION,S,trace_authentication,VALUE,B,T

    To disable:

    API> apply,c,NULL,SET_OPTIONS,OPTION,S,trace_authentication,VALUE,B,F
    API> reinit,c


  • Hi Roy,

    Thanks for your reply.
    We are not able to see desired D2 client ID in DA manage privileged client's list
    What could be the reason for it?

    We have found desired client ID in D2 server by using keytool:
    keytool -list -keystore dfc.keystore -storepass dfc -v

    But listed D2 client ID dfc_<...> are not appearing in DA.
    Could you please suggest resolution for same.


  • Hi Amit,

    Did you get the docbase log and get the ID from there?

    if you set the GR entries in D2 properly, you can login to GR and check this DFC client ID and approve it. then you should be able to see this ID from member repository.

    Hope it helps,


  • Hi Roy,

    Issue is resolved.
    Path for file in D2 was directing was wrong in file for D2-config and D2 client.
    After maintaining #include we restarted web application service and client iD appeared in privileged client list.

    But after restarting DA server now we are not able to login DA, its giving following error message:
    [DM_SESSION_E_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE] error: "Failed to authenticate client. Please check server log for more detail."

    To resolve this we deleted dfc.keystore file from DA server and restarted application but still facing same issue.
    Can you please suggest something to resolve this.


  • Hi Amit,

    this is different issue. take dfc trace and docbase log with authentication in sync to check if you can find anything. you may want to open a support ticket for the same.



  • Hi Roy,

    It was working before, suddenly we are facing this issue.
    Please find the log from Documentum log and dba folder:

    1. dfctrace..log:
    2.313 0.000 N/A [main] [email protected]40f.addObserver(c[email protected]32ae8f27) ==>
    2.313 0.000 N/A [main] [email protected]40f.addObserver(co[email protected]1b8aaeab) ==>
    2.328 0.000 N/A [main] co[email protected]1b8aaeab.update([email protected],null) ==>
    2.328 0.000 N/A [main] com.documentum.dmcl.impl.DmclApiNativeAdapter.getInstance("M/d/yyyy h:mm:ss a ") ==> [email protected]
    2.391 0.000 N/A [File Watcher] [email protected]terval() ==> 30
    2.406 2.016 N/A [main] [email protected]("connect,TR.TR,Administrator,******,,,try_native_first") ==> null
    2.610 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: Use Certificate Based Authentication = false Trust Store =
    2.610 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: Use Certificate Based Authentication = false Trust Store =
    2.625 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: DocbaseConnectionManagerIntervalStats: Doing Interval Statistics = false
    2.625 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: Optimal connection = 27
    2.672 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: Using explicit identity "Administrator" for docbase "TR"
    2.672 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: Using explicit identity "Administrator" for docbase "TR"
    2.672 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: Creating new conn as total conn count is below min count
    2.735 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: IPV4 Address is: 10.#.#.#
    3.078 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: Updated Server Choices for 'TR'. 1 servers found. 0 content servers found
    3.078 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: Updated Server Choices for 'TR'. 0 bad servers found.
    4.094 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: 6:IPV6: false address: /10.#.#.#:47625
    4.328 N/A N/A [main] .INFO: Object protocol version 2
    4.406 N/A N/A [main] .DEBUG: Authenticate [assume=false, reconnect=false, user=Administrator]
    4.422 0.016 N/A [main] [email protected]("getmessage,current") ==> "[DM_SESSION_E_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE]error: "Failed to authenticate client. Please check server log for more detail."

    **log4j.log ** :

    10:02:51,899 WARN [main] - [DFC_SECURITY_GR_PUBLICATION_FAILED] Publication of DFC instance with global registry failed
    DfException:: THREAD: main; MSG: [DFC_BOF_GLOBAL_REGISTRY_UNAVAILABLE] Unable to connect to the global registry no session; ERRORCODE: ff; NEXT: null
    at com.documentum.fc.impl.RuntimeContext.(
    at com.documentum.fc.client.DfClient.(
    at com.documentum.dmcl.impl.ApiContext.newSession(
    at com.documentum.dmcl.impl.ConnectHandler.get(
    at com.documentum.dmcl.impl.DmclApi.get(
    at com.documentum.dmcl.impl.DmclApiNativeAdapter.get(
    at com.documentum.dmcl.impl.DmclApiNativeAdapter.get(

    Wed Jul 18 09:20:55 2018 [FATAL ERROR] [AGENTEXEC 3300] Detected during program initialization: Command Failed: connect,TR.TR,Administrator,'',,,try_native_first, status: 0, with error message .
    The dm_agent_exec utility is exiting due to a fatal error.
    2018-07-18T09:21:55.376000 4568[4324] 0113258580000002 [DM_SESSION_W_AGENT_EXEC_FAILURE_EXCEED]warning: "The failure limit of the agent exec program has exceeded. It will not be restarted again. Please correct the problem and restart the server."

    Please help if you have seen this kind of issue before.


  • edited July 18

    this is wired, as you are using da 16.4 and CS in same version. can you copy the from CS to DA to see if it work? The dm_agent_exec utility is exiting due to a fatal error is also address some issue in your CS as well.

  • also, you can try to dump the dm_docbase_config object, check approved_clients_only attribute
    set it to false to see if it works.

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