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DFC code for converting Text Field to TextArea in Webtop


The following code works fine for Single attribute (Converting Text Field to Text Area):

protected void renderSingleAttribute(String strFormattedValue, String strValue, boolean bReadonly, boolean bHasCompleteList,JspWriter out) throws IOException, JspTagException
{ String strLines = setDynamicLines(); // This is a custom method
String size = setDynamicSize(); // This is a custom method
DocbaseAttributeValue value = (DocbaseAttributeValue) getControl();
super.renderSingleAttribute(strFormattedValue, strValue, bReadonly, bHasCompleteList, out);

I got the code for Repeating attribute, but It is not working:
protected void renderRepeatingAttribute(String strFormattedValue, boolean bReadonly, JspWriter out)
{ String strLines = setDynamicLines();
String size = setDynamicSize();
DocbaseAttributeValue value = (DocbaseAttributeValue) getControl();
super.renderRepeatingAttribute(strFormattedValue, bReadonly, out);

If have any clue, please give me the same. It would be a great help.

Thank you.

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