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How to display the dataset column value in text box in the parameter page of the report


I have created a report, containing a dataset with only one column. When i run the report, I would like to show that dataset result in textbox in the parameter page of the report.

Dataset: Select name from table where id = 2; Output = Sai

Now i would like to display that output "Sai" in the textbox by default in the parameter page when i run that report.
I have tried in many ways but i am unable to show it. Atlast i have tried with listbox but the listbox is showing blank (until the user select that value in the list) - For this i applied "is required" it was working good in my local birt viewer, but still showing the same blank listbox with red line border.

Could anyone please suggest any idea? as it was an urgent requirement.


Thanks & Regards,
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