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When I download a version of a document, can I automatically add the version to the doc name?

I download documents and share them with people outside my team. We need to be able to tell at a glance which version of a document we are using. If the version number was added to the document name when I download it there would be not question which version we were looking at. Is this possible?


  • Which client are you using? I don't think this is possible with Webtop, but maybe there is a configuration for D2. We apply version number as watermark to the document whenever a document is checked in, so changing the document name is not necessary.

  • Thank you for responding... We use Internet Explorer with the OpenText Enterprise Tool bar. I think the version is 10.5. We also have OpenText Enterprise Connect but I don't think that's a client (is it?). I am new to using OpenText, so please forgive me if I am not giving you the information you need.

  • Hi John, this is Documentum Developer product forum. I'm not familiar with Enterprise Connect to provide any assistance.

  • ok...I will look for that forum...I was not sure when I posted this before. Now I've learned something! Thank you.

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