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Important message to TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy community.

Today we are pleased to announce another community release for docker support (version 3). As part of this enhancement now applying the patch and upgrade from a previously created container using Docker Orchestration scripts provided by OpenText for TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy. We support 16.2 and 16.3 containerization using provided automation scripts. This release marks our third release of docker support for TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy.

Please join us on this journey and contribute by engaging on a special focus forum: TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy - Docker. To obtain the automation for Docker, log in to MySupport, navigate to Product>OTDN>Web Content Management (TeamSite)>TeamSite, LiveSite, OpenDeploy> Docker Automation>16.3 or Product>OTDN>Web Content Management (TeamSite)>TeamSite, LiveSite, OpenDeploy> Docker Automation>16.2.”

Limiting File size while importing / deploying

I want to limit file size while importing the file into teamsite or it should check the file size while deploying so that a file upto a certain limit will only be deployed.
Do anyone have any idea how to accomplish this ?


  • You can do a CGI call out on your DCT, passing values such as allowed size, height, width etc.
    Then in your CGI script, you can do the same in more than one ways using perl.
  • Thanks Mav for the suggestions.

    What in case i need to import a file of 10MB, and which i need to restrict to 2 MB at the time of importing itself ? So that the file should not get imported ? Any idea on this?
  • You need to write your own custom import functionality. Check this and this to start with.
  • Thanks a bunch Romil_rose. The links were very helpful.
  • Hi Bond,
    Did you try to resolve the issue ? I am also on the requirement. I tried to open the links provided by Romil_rose but the links dint open. Can you please provide with the content of the links ?

    Thank you

    Mohammed Anees

  • You can limit the file size allowed in the standalone.xml and have JBoss block them, or use ModSecurity if you have it enabled. Here's a document on increasing said limits - you can use the same setting to lower it.

  • Hi Heather,
    Thanks for your response. I wanted to do this is at WebTop level so that i can restrict only for certain types. If I do this at Jboss/wildfly level then all the applications will get affected. Please let me know if you have any further suggestions.

    Thank you

    Mohammed Anees

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