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A new bit of oddness with iw.cfg on 8.2 with server_locale

Set server_locale in iw.cfg to UTF-8. Upon restarting teamsite, it inserts a line setting it back to Latin1.

Before restart:


After restart:


This is munging any character with diacritics, which is **** our install big time.


  • Adding: TS, Solaris10, OS is set to utf-8

  • Poking around on this, came across this in the 8.0 docs:

    The iw.cfg file contains a server_locale entry in the [iwserver] section. The entry specifies the locale in which current execution of the TeamSite server (iwserver) runs. For example:

    server_locale=English_UnitedStates.MS1252 (Windows)US-ASCII (Unix)@Binary;

    This setting is automatically created in the iw.cfg file when iwserver is started. The native/system locale is determined by reading the LANG environment variable (Unix)/System Locale setting in the Regional Settings control (Windows). Once the server_locale setting exists in the iw.cfg file, it is used to determine the TeamSite server’s native/system locale at every invocation of iwserver. If this setting is not present, iwserver determines its locale from the LANG environment variable (Unix) /System Locale setting in the Regional Settings control panel (Windows).

    While this setting can be user-modified, it is designed to serve as reference as to the locale in which iwserver is currently running. If you have a situation where you want to force iwserver to run in a particular locale (independent of the LANG environment variable (Unix)/System Locale setting (Windows), you can stop the TeamSite server, manually edit the server_locale line, then restart the TeamSite server.

    Which is not working as expected. Our OS language is set to UTF-8.

    root@irc-cms-dev: echo $LANG


    Continuing to dig into it.

  • edited October 11

    Opened a ticket with support about this issue. So far the response has been "You can't have two server_locale lines in iw.cfg."

    Well yes, we know that, the problem isn't that we're putting in two lines, it's that TeamSite is ADDING the second line.


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