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Hi all,

I have a table with the following structure:
keycol1, keycol2, numcol, charcol.

The character colum (charcol) contains a list of 50 values seperated by a ";". I would like to create a line chart based on these values where the x-serie is the position of the value (1 to 50).

I have looked around, but could not find any solution to this. Unfortunately I can't change the database itself.

I hope somebody can help me with this one.



  • mwilliamsmwilliams BIRT Guru
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    Hi MikeyD,

    What kind of database are you connecting to? Can you attach some sample data so I can see what if looks like?


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  • MikeyDMikeyD Junior Member
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    Hi Michael,

    I connect to a MS SQL server db, and here you have some records. The first column is the key, the second a numeric, and the third the character column with the values I need to use in a chart.

    1 0.9678 "119.40286; 69.52344; 81.71848; 62.27562; 211.56694"
    2 1.0402 "138.57874; 88.26634; 81.25192; 100.49358; 174.16348"
    3 1.1064 "96.32898; 80.11904; 171.94168; 129.69928; 80.751"
    4 1.1335 "88.5482; 77.68668; 217.79588; 113.073; 75.97006"
    5 1.1072 "102.85906; 81.8013; 163.99548; 133.21422; 89.38144"
    6 1.0970 "86.56494; 77.2379; 72.4721; 200.14034; 133.23152"

  • BsupportBsupport Junior Member
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    Hi mikey,

    I think you should drag the table on the report. Then add a data field to it and try using function

    charcolcellvalue = charcolcellvalue.replace(";",""); on create event.

    Drop the chart in the same table and the assign the new column binding value to the X-axis.

    Hope this might help you,

    let me know if there is any query.



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  • MikeyDMikeyD Junior Member
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    This works, thanks for your support!!
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