How to draw a line separator in BIRT report?

bitisonybitisony Member
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I want to draw a line sparator in my report design, but I can not find any component can achieve this goal.

In html page, I can use "
" to achieve this.

But the problem is that BIRT does not support set style for html marker.
So I can not set the color for "

So would you like to give me suggestions about this issue?

Thank you very much for your help!


  • egauegau Junior Member
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    Hello bitisony,

    I can suggest to you that you put your items in grids so you can use lines of the rows (up / down).

    I hope that i helped.


  • bitisonybitisony Member
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    Hi egau,

    By the way, I do not only want to draw a line, and at the same time I need to set the line's style dynamically, such as line's color... and so on.

    So I need to find a component to draw a line separator, and set its style dynamically.
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