Histogram Chart Needed

I am trying to use a vertical bar chart to create a Histogram. Though BIRT has built in STD Dev functions, I am not yet able to find a way to create this chart. In other words simply adding a data binding, with the birt function STD Dev aggregation on MonthToDate Returns doesn't do it for me. 


Basically I need a normal distribution along the x-axis and the y-axis will hold the values for the MTD values. 


For information on the visualization I am trying to create see; 



I am trying to get the Normal Distribution chart.


Any ideas? 






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    I've created the Histogram and have the report files attached here. 



    To create the Histogram, the single column of source data was used to create an absolute value to use on the Y-Axis. Using this and grouping along the X-Axis creates the Standard Normal Distribution effect shown here:  


    Posted Image

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