BIRT 4.3.1 Report error in browser



I have been using Birt 4.3.1 with Maximo 7.6 and reports are running fine when I run it from inside Maximo.

The Issue is when I try to run report from Report designer using External browser/ default browser. it opens up the browser and I can see the top border with options like "next page, download" but nothing prints.


I know this is a known issue of Jetty Server and there is request for Enhancement(Bug resolution)


I have tried modifying the .ini file/ options available on internet  but no luck 


Currently, as a workaround I am using "view as PDF" option which is working fine but it is very irritating. 

Please let me know the work around to view it in  browser


FYI, I am using BIRT 4.3.1 64 Bit , Windows 7.



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