Grouping Crosstabs


I am working on crosstabs where user selects one or more companies and in crosstab sums up the figures for all companies and displays in the columns which is fine,


Is there any way to draw the a separate crosstab for company?

Please see the attached picture to understand the requirement,


  • You'll need an outer table that lists all of the companies.


    Then in the detail row, you can add the cross tab.   Next, apply Filter to the cross tab that defines where company = current company row value.

    Clement Wong
    Principal Analytics Architect

    OpenText Corporation |

  • I got it, thank you very much!

  • Hi,

    Can you please suggest how can I achieve the following,

    I need to calculate the figures for Fiscal Years and not for the Calendar Years,

    • Example: For Fiscal year Jul 2008 - June 2009. The formula would be (Jul 1, 2008 to Dec 31, 2008) + (Jan 1, 2009 to June 30, 2009) = Values-2008 / 2 + Values-2009 /2, and show the result under year 2009 column

  • Any idea if "Relative Time Period Aggregation Builder" will solve what I am looking for?

    I do not know how to use it.

  • what I will do is to have a computed column defining your Fiscal years and use an if condition for computation based on which fiscal year your are on. When I had to do something like this, I didn't use  crosstab table but created a crosstab from straight table. when you do that, there is flexibility in computations.

  • I am able to use Relative Time Period Aggregation

  • Can anybody please provide sample design file for above report desgin

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