Maximo 7.6 birt report



We have recently migrated our Maximo appplication from 7.5 to 7.6. We have three reports which take more than 3 min to run with full data.

After migration when we run these reports with IP url maximo application it works fine but if we run on weburl application it stops after 3 minutes.


we have looked at maximo properties settings and everything looks good.

Any help on this problem would be great.





  • Did you make any middleware (e.g. Websphere) changes from Maximo 7.5 to Maximo 7.6? Sounds like you changed from having the report instances run inside the user JVM to a segragated Report JVM. If so, the Report URL has to be separate from the main Maximo URL. Check the '' property setting against the default URL you use to access Maximo. 

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