icon uri from RSA UML Profile model

Excuse, I am not able to write in English, I use the translator!


At me a problem with Rational Software Architect (v.8.5) and BIRT (included in RSA).

Problem essence:

I develop profile UML, and would like to have possibility to generate the report "the profile Specification".

One of specification sections - the catalogue of stereotypes.

It is supposed that the heading of section of each stereotype will have heading in a format <a stereotype icon> <the stereotype name>.


Problem in that I, probably, am not able to place a icon data about which are in profile model, in a line of heading. And is even more exact, probably, I cannot find the necessary information in profile model.

I have included in this letter a little image.


On a picture 1 - the initial screen of filling Data Set All Stereotypes. M., at me not that file of initial library UML?



The second page - display of lines - works normally:



On the third page - definition of columns Data Set. The column of the name of a stereotype is defined. Naturally works.

It is time to create an icon column.



Here again my nightmare begins! For display in the picture report, it is required to specify in a corresponding column it URI.



First, in profile model (in RSA) for each stereotype two pictures, big and small are appointed. And it is valid, in metamodel UML plurality of an element icon is defined as *. I.e. actually in a stereotype it is "a lot of" these elements. To me though one to find!


Has tried by practical consideration. BIRT allows to include in the report static pictures on them URI.

I have created a data set including a name of a stereotype and URI of an element icon. Has unpacked, has copied URI stereotype Actor and has inserted into a template of the report a picture on URI. The picture has not turned out.

Has then opened a file of model of a profile in Microsoft Studio.insert this URL in a search line. On the following picture - a result fragment. We see four icons for stereotype Actor! And the information on each picture.



For each object icon (id, eAnnotation and details) has tried to create a picture on URI. Result zero!


So where that remarkable URI which will draw a picture?

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03.jpg 124.3K
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