Report Design perspective is not showing in the list perspective



I was stuck in the one point where Im not able to see the "Report  Perspective" option

I have downloaded the Birt for eclipse

Details :


BIRT: " birt-report-designer-all-in-one-4_3_1

JAVA : 1.8


I have configured all the jar files.lib,classes .... successfully and able to create the reports as well in one environment,


But similar configurations need to perform in the other environment need to configure the BIRT

Both the environments has the same versions of JAVA,OS everything is same.

To configure the BIRT in the second environment I have copied the downloaded file from one env to other

but when I have opened the eclipse I'm not able to see the report perspective option. Checked all the jars, plugins everything is same.


Please let me know I'm I missing any configurations changes , I have just copied and paste the complete folder.


Thanks in Advance.


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