How to restart Page Number in the BIRT 3.4.2 report

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I have a query on BIRT report.  The requirement is to restart the page number.  when i try to run the report for multiple workorder records and export it in word format . Currently the page number are appearing sequentially. for example when i export the report in Word format and have a look into it,  total page is 9 then the page number is appearing as 1 of 9 ,2 of 9,3 of 9....9 of 9 . But now the requirement is if there are three Work Order are displaying in the report and for the first work order there 3 pages and for the second work order there will be 3 pages then the page number needs to be appeared is this way: For 1st Work Order 1 of 3, 2 of 3.....3 of 3 and for the 2nd Work Order the page number will be 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3.   The BIRT version is 3.4.2.


Please help me on this. i am waiting for your response with a solution.


  • Can anyone help me on the above query.

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    I I remember correctly I was able to get that to work in the web viewer using some of the examples here, but once it was exported to a PDF there were issues.

    Update; I have a Maximo that appears to work, I'll upload it tonight or tomorrow

  • wwilliamswwilliams Junior Member

    This report worked for me in Maximo

  • Thanks Williams for your response.


    We have been using Maximo 7.1 version. so it wont support... the same is working fine from Maximo 7.5 version, there is system property to make it work....after few months we are going for no queries:)...Thanks once again

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