Birt was working now isnot working

Please help.

I am currently using Birt 3.7.1

Up until last week, my reports were working correctly. 

I found out that the IT group upgraded Java to 1.8.0_111.  However, when they pushed out the updated Java, somehow my workstation was not updated.  Now I'm not sure if any of the other files were removed. 


The IT group did however install java on my workstation, but as I said, they updated it to 1.8.0_11.


I know the reports are working correctly because I can upload to Maximo and they run just fine.


I changed the installed JRE's to the new java (type Standard VM)


Does Birt 3.7.1 work with Java 1.8?


Any other suggestions as to why this is not working?  I've been trying to fix this for 4 days.  Please help.


I'm really not an IT guy, so please remember that in your response.


  • In addition, when I Preview a report on my desktop, getting a Birt exception occurred....

    ...  Reference Error:  "MXReportDataSetProvider" is not defined.

    When I Google this, everything I read is the install wasn't complete or I need to update the mxreportproperties file.

    My problem is, it was working a week ago.

  • Goo day, Have you tried updating your BIRT?

  • Unless Birt 3.7 don't work with Java 8, I would rather keep the version I have.  From what I am seeing online, Birt 4x don't have the Preview feature any longer.  Or I may be reading that wrong...

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