TopN calculation for Chart/Graph

Hi All,


I have created a Birt report for Maximo in Birt designer 4.3.1. I have a list of data and also some pie charts/graphs.

I would like to display the top 10 asset numbers in the graph, however I cant find a way to make the filter calculate correctly.

Currently I have the graph and used a filter to show assetnum, TopN, 10. However this doesn't show the correct data. 

I can't use a filter on the data set as there are a number of graphs and only some need to show the top 10. Also the data set has date parameters when running the report.


Any ideas how I can achieve this? Ideally I just want to use the graph filters and not create additional data sets as there are a total of 20 graphs and each filters on location first before top 10 assets.




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