Drill down report for Maximo using Eclipse

Hi Everyone,


I have been scouring the web for samples\solutions to my quandry.


I am trying to develop a report (Eclipse 3.7.1) that drills down on a PM, so when the user clicks on the PM number the Asset infromation associated to that PM is displayed.


I would prefer that this is all done in the same report, the big difference is the Data source we use, is configured differently to all of the examples I have looked at, which has lead to great confusion.


Basically I have two data sets, one with the PM details, the other with the Assets that are linked to the PM, I want the users to click the PM number so that a drill down group will present the asset details to the user for that PM. 

My first dataset that has the PM information, which has 7 fields, whereas the second data set has 4 fields related to the asset, but many rows may be returned per PM.


We have some PM's that have up to 150 assets associated to them, so scroll-ability would be a factor as well.


Because I have had to add the SQL queries to the OPEN and FETCH scripts of the data sets, I am now confused as to how to get the drill down aspect working.


If someone please detail step by step what I need to do to get this working, I will be eternally greatful.




  • We use BIRT 3.7.1 as well with Maximo 7.5.  I've modified the out-of-box Work Order List report for our organization with a toggle that displays the asset information for a work order.  The toggle is a hyperlink to the same report design file that passes a "Y" value of a "Display asset detail Y or N" parameter to the report.  The hyperlink is just attached to a label control that says "Display asset details".  I then use a visibility rule to display the assets table bound to my separate data assets query that is hidden by default when the report is first run.  Note that this toggle displays the assets detail for all work orders selected in Maximo by the user.  So the user runs the Work Order List report based on selected work orders with no asset details displayed initially.  Asset details are made visible when the user clicks on my hyperlink in the header of any page that just re-runs the same report with the altered "display y/n" parameter set to "Y".


    This would have to be altered or a different approach would be needed if you only want to display the asset info for an individual PM you click on.

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