BIRT response not rendered properly in 4.4.1 compared with 3.7.2

Hi admin / experts, I'm working on BIRT 4.4.1.me201412151106 that was upgraded from BIRT 3.7.2. I have a report which retrieved value from web service, in most of the cases it will contains some special character like em dash, left quote & right quote as below sample : 


“DESCRIPTIONâ€?  <-- this is supposed to be “Description”

Brand – color  <-- this is supposed to be Brand â€“ color


For above data sample it works perfect in 3.7.2, however it doesn't work for 4.4.1, it make the table cell blank.

So my question : is there any configuration in BIRT to handle this?

Sorry I can't upload the report or share the WebService due to client restriction.



Thanks !!


  • Hi Admin / experts, any suggestion for my case ? thanks

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