After upgrading to BIRT 371, Preview doesn't work

After upgrading to Maximo & BIRT 3.7.1, I have been unable to get the Preview to work.  When I run a preview, I get the usual parameter prompts (I'm running IE 9), and the preview starts, but it sits there indefinitely with "Processing ... Please Wait".


I'm not getting any clues from the Eclipse prompt either.


Can anyone help with this?




  • wwilliamswwilliams Junior Member

    add this to your eclipse.ini




    Under preferences-> General Web Browser check settings

    Under report design->Preview check Always use external browsers


    It has been a long time since we updated and had the same issue so I think I covered it. You can always use HTML as the output until you get it sorted out.

    This is a known issue.

  • Hey Wes:  didn't know that was a solution for this problem - I thought it was just for IE11 incompatibility.  I'll try it out though - thanks.

  • Having same issue. Actuate user but now have to develop in birt. Imported report gets this error when previewed and also xml error. Any help will be very much appreciated

  • wwilliamswwilliams Junior Member

    I can't make out the png file, so the report runs in eclipse, but fails in Maximo?

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