Birt 4.3.1 Report does not Show contents in PDF but HTML in Maximo



Recently I work in test environment and updated Maximo and Birt 4.3.1 under Windows 2012.


The most Birt reports are running fine and return PDF files with contents but not this one.

When I run this report, it returns HTML contents correctly. But I click the Print and choose PDF. The PDF displays blank page. I am not sure I have to redesign this report or there is something I can try?


Please help!


Richard Li


  • VirgilVirgil Administrator admin

    Older report designs should run just fine in newer runtime engines... but one thing you could try is opening the design in the BIRT 4.3.1 Designer, make a simple change, and save it which would write it out as a newer version.  Also, while you have the rptdesign open in the Designer, switch to XML Source tab and search for "visibility" to see if any restrictions were set since output can be hidden for certain formats, like PDF, XLS, etc.

    Virgil Dodson
    OpenText Analytics Developer Community

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