How to create progress bar using bar graph in BIRT

Hello Team,


I want to create progress bar ,

my scenario is that there are six phases in a project ,

show the status of all phases in one bar,

each phase has is own color,

phases value increasing on count suppose particular phase get 100%value then it shows green color each phase has max value is 100%,simply show the progress bar for all  phases


Is it possible using bar graph in birt?

Is there another way to achieve this  scenario?


Thanks In Advance.





  • Hi Amruta,


    This is certainly possibly using a stacked bar chart. It would take some formatting to get right, but the general concept is that you'd have the X-axis be your project name, Y-axis be the phase progress, and the Y series grouping be the phase of the project. I've attached an example that should demonstrate this. Though I took some assumptions with your data structure, so the approach might be slightly different for you.


    Hope this helps.

    Chad Montgomery

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  • Hello Chad,

    Thanks for quick response ,I am new for birt,

     report not opening in open source birt version version="3.2.21"

  • Apologies Amruta, I was using the professional designer and it slipped my mind. Here is an example using open source.

    Chad Montgomery

    Customer Support Engineer  |  Customer Support

    OpenText Corporation




  • Thank u so much  :) Its really helpful for me

  • To achieve drilldown on the chart, the chart has to be created off a cube with hierarchies. Hope that helps

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