Grid-Border overlay problem after PageBreak

Hi Everybody,


i am designing some Reports with Eclipse BIRT Designer Version 4.5.0 and i have some Problems wenn i have Tables in the report(with different number of lines i have different behaviors). I created some simple example reports to(without Tables but the same behavior). The Report contains 3 Grids. First Grid is a Placeholder. The second Grid will be broken before the last line at the end of the Page. The third Grid will overlay the border after the last line from the second Grid. Between the Grids i have a margin of 1 mm.


The single difference between the 3 example reports is the height of the Placeholder Row in the first Grid:

OK - 227 mm

Overlay_1 - 225 mm

Overlay_2 - 223 mm


I am wondering why do i have 3 different "designs" after the same PageBreak. Knows somebody some Workaround to this Problem?


Thank you,



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